Good things happen to those who anticipate

I first saw Brown-Capped Pygmy Woodpeckers inside a reserve forest in Kumily. But, love was not in the air. Maybe, they were in a hyperactive mood. Or just camera shy. Because every time I tried to photograph them, they would fly away to some other spot. No matter how closely I tracked one, it simply refused... Continue Reading →

A symphony of decyrption: Mind over Madonna

In a perfect world, nobody would feel guilty about listening to any sort of music. But we do. And it’s not just because the world we inhabit is, at best, a tragicomedy. Music isn’t an art form anymore. It is a business unit in the entertainment industry. Success has as much to do with talent as it does with marketing... Continue Reading →

Be a woodpecker

A noisy summer's swansong as crooned by a woodpecker down on his luck, perched above a traveler, with hiccups and toenail clippers to accompany them at dusk. July can be a mean-spirited month. One moment it dares to wash the burn marks and sweat stains left by yet another sultry summer. The very next - it breathes fire into... Continue Reading →

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