A 5-star review in the sky: Pompadour Green Pigeons

It was a cold start to the day in the sleepy village of Kurangu Mudi in the Anaimalai Hills. The sun wasn't up yet. I was sipping on hot beverage outside a tea shop, petting an old mongrel. We were watching the mist disappear from moist skirts the forest wore that morning. Suddenly, out of... Continue Reading →

Toy stories: Pompadour Green Pigeons and friends

The Pompadour Green Pigeon looks like a toy to me. I bet that every night - woodland creatures dip them in buckets filled with green paint. By dawn, they are free to roam in the hills. They fly around, ornamenting the trees with their madly-purple shoulders. And giving neck-cramps to birders. My neck will snap if I ever go to the rain forests of Papua and spot the Western Crowned... Continue Reading →

A case for the commoners: Rock Doves

If it weren't for iridescence, her wounds would make for better classroom lectures than life's lessons. Many I know consider rock doves / pigeonsĀ to be a major public nuisance. These feral birdsĀ are accused of being uninvited and parasitical guests to cities. They are despised for being noisy and intrusive. Other items in the list of... Continue Reading →

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