Solo travel: The low frequency sound of silence

I travel alone to the hills because it's how I want to experience the world for now. It's not as though I am one with the sand and the sky or anything fancy like that. I just feel interconnected to the sum of their moving parts. It also lends itself more to discoveries, life-changing or... Continue Reading →

Back to the future: Owls and Sunbirds

If you squint your eyes, babies look a lot like old people. Their soft and wrinkled skin. Tiny rows of broken teeth. Patchy hair. They tend to behave the same way too. Both need help getting around. They are easily confused. Frightened of being alone. They are likely to get hurt while trying to do things... Continue Reading →

It’s a jungle out there: Monkey hear, monkey talk

I have wanted to write about modernized existential despair for long. How it seems to be a generational malady, thriving on our indifference towards discovery as opposed to invention. I didn’t because I was unable to succinctly encapsulate a short introduction I had in mind into words. Instead I had a sound-bite for it. A piece of guttural... Continue Reading →

Adukkam: Home is where the unwashed feet are

Utopia is where odd fellows rest, bench-pressing inkblots with blank stares and babysit blue orchids, bearing stars for seeds, that come in pairs. I have lost interest in keeping count of the number of birds I have spotted. I let it go around the 300-mark. But I still obsess over spotting new birds during every trail. If I don't, it's... Continue Reading →

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