In the mighty jungle, the Lion-tailed Macaque is awake

An enema procedure for a kidney stone operation once taught me two valuable lessons. One is that I should drink more water on a daily basis. The other is that I should stop making New Year resolutions. After spending three days at the hospital, I was overcome with trepidation and boredom. Lying face down on... Continue Reading →

2014 was a number

To beg, borrow and steal from Charles Dickens, 2015 was the best of times and it was the worst. Perhaps  2016 will be the same, but I shall recollect, with love, and by no other name, how even the fiercest winds never once frightened away the birds. We may have leftovers from 2014 that we can still hold on this year too. Hope. Money. Gadgets. Memories. It could be anything. Or anyone. We... Continue Reading →

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