Where hornbills fly to when we die

Two years ago, I was inside a taxi – returning home after a birdwatching expedition to Valparai. I have never been fond of return journeys. I get upset over the beautiful things I must leave behind. But I wore a grin on my face. It was not because I was happy. That would have been... Continue Reading →

Because I am not happy: Migratory birds

There are still a few months left for birding season to begin. And I can’t wait for the rains to go away. So that migratory birds will visit me from all over the world. Because they will make me happy. I may even tap the shoulders of strangers to tell them about it. If they... Continue Reading →

Luck be a Great Hornbill today

Last December, I was in the Anaimalai Hills range, along with my photographer friend – Anoop. We had heard from the locals in a sleepy town that Great Indian Hornbills haunted a particular 5-kilometer stretch in Valparai during the wee hours of the morning. We visited the spot on a Saturday evening to scout the... Continue Reading →

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