Republic nation of rape

At an outdoor event a few years ago, a group of youngsters was promoting awareness of the rising number of sex crimes in India. They were strongly urging those nearby to just say "NO" to rape. The first thing I wondered was whether anyone had walked up to them and nervously insisted on saying "YES"... Continue Reading →

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating

Is it okay to say that female birds are not as attractive as their male counterparts? Or does it make me a sexist? I can't be sure. Because people pounce on others for saying things that they deem, personally, to be offensive. Context does not seem to matter. As long as they are upset, they will fight... Continue Reading →

Dot and the forehead

The bedroom door creaks, as her pottu runs cold, reaching speeds of estimated tax returns; she shakes her fists at the world, screaming "turn me into a porcelain doll before my private parts start to burn". A pottu or a bindi is a¬†little coloured dot that Indian women wear on their foreheads. It is more... Continue Reading →

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