What writers can learn from raptors

Predatory birds are known as ‘raptors’. Its entomology can be traced to the Latin term – rapere – meaning ‘to seize by force’. They are expert hunters, and their sensory capabilities are irrefutable. The prey may be cognizant of these extraordinary skills, but still they are snatched away by force. Large and medium-sized birds of... Continue Reading →

Raptors, falcons and rain-fed philosophers

Some need corns and calluses to take a leap of faith and start anew; others wouldn't dare jump unless they wore boots sturdy enough to land on the moon. I feel intoxicated whenever I see a bird of prey soar high. I have always been fascinated by them. Their dagger-like talons. Anxious mouths with fishhooks for beaks. Beady... Continue Reading →

Thereafter there flew a raptor

An eagle undresses the clouds after the summer rain, seducing the wild blue yonder to show a little skin and a tattoo of the moon on its cream cheese cleavage. I freeze a little every time I spot an eagle. Ever since I heard that they fly above the clouds to avoid the rain, I have... Continue Reading →

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