Three birds of paradise, two funerals and a wedding

Last December, my grandpa passed away a day prior to my wedding reception. Bed-ridden for months, he was in a lot of anguish. The beige color of his skin matched the peeled sections of the bedroom wallpaper. His head, resembling the plucked breast of an owl, bobbed up and down whenever I visited him. It... Continue Reading →

Back to the future: Indian Paradise Flycatcher

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that two weeks ago, I finally spotted the white-morphed Indian paradise flycatcher. It flew into the crooked window of my heart while I was returning home after a birdwatching trip. I slammed the brakes as soon as I caught a glance from... Continue Reading →

The love after the storm: Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

I discover beauty, in physical forms, while birding. I try to cup its essence like palm leaves do a heavy shower. Most of it spills out of my hands. I hold hostage the thimbleful that remains through poetry, prose and photographs. I seek out boxes to put them into and admire them. Perhaps, even introspect about my own semi-charmed life that led me to these... Continue Reading →

Following a flycatcher to paradise: Part 1

I have obsessed over spotting the Asian Paradise Flycatcher for years. She is one of those birds who looks as extravagant as her name might suggest. That's not the case with let's say the Streaked Fantail Warbler. Her name may suggest that she looks like Captain Planet's arch-nemesis. In reality - she resembles a house sparrow wearing a shawl, just having a bad hair... Continue Reading →

Following a flycatcher to paradise: Part 2

About two months ago I had written about the Asian Paradise Flycatcher. I lamented about having never seen the white-morphed male. Just a few days after that, during a trail in the Thekkady foothills, I saw an adult male (orange-morphed) land on a tree a few feet away. Like a curious bystander, he flew from branch to... Continue Reading →

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