But first, we need to talk about the floods in Kerala

Kerala is wounded. Its people are suffering. Nearly 400 have been killed due to the recent floods that are ravaging its citizens, as well as its neighbors in Karnataka. The loss of livelihood has been unimaginable. If you live outside of South India, you may not have heard of the crisis. Hell, I live about... Continue Reading →

Flood crisis: If Chennai had wings, she would be an eagle

Today, I am proud to be a resident of Chennai, not a citizen of India. In case you haven’t heard, my city was affected recently by the heaviest rainfall recorded in over 100 years. Floods wreaked havoc on the lives of 2 million people. Over 325 are dead. Many birds and animals, especially strays, too. Tragically, a few other districts in the state... Continue Reading →

Hoot once if you can hear me

A spotted owlet stirs, tasting the first light of day; wide awake, always a hoot away from soothing the ache of darkness having disappeared on him once again. The spotted owlets in my city have been very choosy about their nesting areas towards the end of a fiery summer. The heat and humidity have seen them disappear from... Continue Reading →

A summer in Kerala: Come rain or wine

Summer in India and the monsoon season soon after generally comprise tumultuous times for me. I am fond of neither summers nor the rain. They represent a slew of reasons as to why most of my recent birding trails turned out to be damp squibs. Birding isn't impossible when it rains. They still need to come out and... Continue Reading →

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