It’s a bird-eat-frog world

She stirs at dawn, storing dewdrops in the lining of her eyes, sewn shut but torn inside, like cypress sachets. She yawns in strange watercolours, devouring the caterpillar cadavers that are the flaying limbs of her prey. I have been pleasantly in denial that birding season was over for the first half of the year. Thirty minutes... Continue Reading →

Knock, knock. Who cares?

When I was much younger I was bitter about the success stories that was I felt critical towards. Like most of us dealing with angst, I had a loose grasp on how the world should work. I sat on a high horse and complained about how Titanic was the crappiest movie ever. That bubblegum pop... Continue Reading →

2014 was a number

To beg, borrow and steal from Charles Dickens, 2015 was the best of times and it was the worst. Perhaps  2016 will be the same, but I shall recollect, with love, and by no other name, how even the fiercest winds never once frightened away the birds. We may have leftovers from 2014 that we can still hold on this year too. Hope. Money. Gadgets. Memories. It could be anything. Or anyone. We... Continue Reading →

Songs for stringless kites

A kite soars, sans a string, above crowded streets and the wind whistles a lengthy tune, steering it over curry leaf trees that cough up a stiff, browning breeze to caress its paper- mache  cheeks, rerouting its soul to wild, weightless worlds. I think I can commute long distances without listening to music. I am... Continue Reading →

7 mistakes to avoid in your quest to become a writer

As writers, we sometimes feel like members of an exclusive club. We can't wait for others to ask us about what we do for a living. We wait, in baited breath, to nonchalantly talk about ecstasies and erroneous ways of being a writer. We want people to believe it isn't a big deal. However, we... Continue Reading →

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