Birds of feather balk together

If it weren’t for birds, I wouldn’t have met any of you. This blog is almost two years old. Some of you have been visiting me since the beginning. It’s the second longest relationship I have ever been in. I don’t know how special this has been for you. But, it has meant a lot to me.

I may not know all your names. Not everyone stops long enough to leave behind a comment. But a WordPress widget lets me know that you exist. And I am thankful for it.

At times, birds fly away quickly too. Even before we consciously share something beautiful together.

During such moments, love does not tumble down from the skies. Cracked dry leaves aren’t thrown up in the air instead of confetti made of crushed flowers. Twilight will not see the stars dance, drunkenly, up in the sky. Nobody has anything in particular to say. Only the cicadas are louder and angrier than usual. Because they don’t respond kindly to interspecies courtship.

It is unlike the experiences I have shared with Owlets, Flycatchers and Hornbills. Many of those left claw-marks on my heart. And had me aching. To leak. To write.

Birds such as Cuckooshrikes, Scimitar Babblers, Blue-Faced Malkohas, and others have moved me in subtle ways. So quietly that it took me a while to realize that they did.

In fact, I am not sure if these birds realize that I am there. After a while, I forget that they were once a part of my life. I lock them up inside a vault in my mind. And I will only bring them out when I really need the love. When the optimist in me crawls out of the barrel of a gun pointed to the side of my head.

And I feel good about the fact that they exist; that our paths had once crossed.

To my infrequent fliers and silent spectators – we will meet again.

set fire
to the
shirt pockets
in mine.

(Photographs: Kerala, Tamil Nadu)

36 thoughts on “Birds of feather balk together

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. You have a beautiful birds eye view. If not for your talent to convey these flighted thoughts, I might think that next life you would become one (maybe an eagle??). But no, you are destined to write, and unfortunately birdies are thumbless.

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  2. “They show up suddenly, pose for a photograph or two and promptly leave without any dramatic performances.”
    Well then 🙂
    Good Piece.

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  3. The poem, spectacular!
    The pictures no less. However un-dramatic the birds are, your photographs of them make up for it! As a budding bird enthusiast, because of Shail Mohan, on whose blog I read your note, and Navmi’s too… I’m charmed by the pictures.
    The word addict/lover in me loves to death that poem.

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    1. You always can, bud. Plenty of sites that list out the birds in specific locations, perhaps you can start with yours and then move on to every corner the world, recollecting names and songs!


  4. Wow. Even though I might confess… I fail to notice the bird’s involvement in your verse… I see a verse that speaks with solidity of a thing such as love that is supposed to be soft and gentle…

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      1. I see how much you love birds. Would love to keep reading you. I love the analogy… the way you infer your love with bird to love with people… which is even true.

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      2. Thank you so much comrade, I appreciate your time here. Truth be told, at times even I feel unclear whether if I am describing a bird or a person. As you say, perhaps I am just talking about love.


    1. Hehehe go right ahead, anu! I haven’t written about this yet but two of my phobias still involve birds. I get the fear. They can fly. And speak in a language that we don’t understand. I believe thought that we’d be better off giving them a chance over our species considering the patterns.

      Thank you for the kindness again!

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  5. Now it is I who is jumping up and down with hair on fire! You have been most busy, Christy, and in very good company there. The Blue-throated (blue-backed?) Flycatcher is a pretty girl, but what of the one beneath her? A cuckoo of some kind? There was no caption, but it looks a bit like one ours, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo.

    We are starting to see fall migrants come through and even some early arrives for the winter. Really hoping to get out and do some more shore birding. I am in love with the salty air and sand.

    I must go back and find the post about the long-tailed flycatcher. Not sure I remember reading it.

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    1. I wish I were that busy with birds, but I haven’t been so, dear friend. I haven’t photographed a bird in about 2 weeks and I feel an itch (just one ) in my toes that threatens to turn into a real soul-scratcher. I should get some birding done this weekend though (big smile).

      Just noticed the unnamed cutie-pie, she would the Yellow-Browed Bulbul!

      I hope you get to see a lot of the migrants ❤ And can’t wait to read about them.


      1. Well, if you aren’t out birding, how about some birding INSIDE? Here’s a full feature video (1 hr 15 min) that the kids and I just watched this week. If you love owls (like we do), you will love this one! Such amazing creatures, with their eyes, ears, and silent wings.

        But…better to get OUT. I hope you get some birding in soon too. I am hopelessly bird deficient!!

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      2. Awwww owl power! Perfect, isn’t it. Will watch it for sure. I am sure you’ve seen the Birds of Paradise, so might I recommend something on the eaglier side!

        The birds won’t leave us for too long. We might need them but they must at least get a kick out of us (big smile)


      3. Ooo, yes. The Harpy Eagle, my kids know this species too well as they’ve studied it. I had no idea how HUGE this raptor is. No wonder they call her ‘monkey-eater.’ I will watch the whole show tonight with a cold beer in hand to toast her awesomeness.

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