It’s not over until a lady bird sings

I used to write about birds and deduce parallel conclusions in relation to our lives. Lately, it’s been the other way around. I have been focusing on our dreams. The love we borrow. Some of the obstacles we face. The evil we are capable of.

I have shared a lot from my personal life too. The little things I do that makes me special; whatever I have been through that makes me so precious. Ugh. I just want to hug myself so tightly. So eagerly that I fall off the bed, or down a flight of stairs – like a panic-stricken Smeagol, and collapse into a smoldering heap of pain and despair.

But I will be okay. I know that karma can be cruel. I shifted the subject matter from birds to human beings. It’s only fair that now I have to drink soup through a straw for two weeks.

Plum-Headed Parakeet (female), Kerala

It’s not as though I am disinclined to write on matters unrelated to birds. It has been fun to notice how little can be concluded in life.  I recognize the goodness in people too, as much as I distrust them. Some even bewilder me with their kindness.

I don’t want to write about them. I won’t let the secret out. There is hope. I can smell it. But I am afraid though that the Twiteratti may hashtag it. AR Rahman may sing about how Mother India represents it. Americans will be outraged over how Donald Trump wants it out of the country. Israel won’t like it because someone’s been a naughty boy.

It will be all messed up.

Grey Junglefowl (female)

Life just seems like less of a catastrophe when I focus on how messed up people are instead. At times though, I tell myself to let it go. I am not Atlas to be hesitant in shrugging off the weight of the world. I could walk away from it forever. The world will be just fine, and so will I.

For instance, today was International Women’s Day. I didn’t want to say anything at all. I can’t help it though. I have to point out that I find it awkward – the comfort with which women celebrate identities that epitomize gender inequalities. And how wretched it is – the shamelessness with which men portray themselves as being sensitive and liberalized.

Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Ponneri

Women should start talking a lot more on oppression. And men should stop treating them like zoo animals after March 8. Also, cooking contests should be saved for World Food Day.

I ought to write more about birds.

Call me a dreamer but I think we are all going to make it. For now – here are some more feathered ladies from the wild.

She took with her
plum-soaked promises,
some pickled love and
a few other precious things
that she could use
to grow herself
a fresh pair of wings.

38 thoughts on “It’s not over until a lady bird sings

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  1. so funny and cute

    Taelynn Davis

    On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 12:37 PM, verseherder wrote:

    > christybharath posted: “I used to write about birds and deduce parallel > conclusions about our lives. Lately, it’s been the other way around. I have > been focusing on our dreams. The love we borrow. Some of the obstacles we > face. The evil we are capable of. I have shared a lot fr” >

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  2. outside, birds sing their hope
    song, for they know spring has come.
    even as bones crack from months cold,
    we are both drawn out by the warmth of the sun.

    I couldn’t help myself. And I have hope you’ll feel the sun again. Don’t give up. 🙂

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  3. As I sit in my balcony, lost in thoughts, a breeze comes in, like a worried friend who’s been watching from far. Uninvited yet welcome. It hugs, it holds, it makes me smile and just like that I ease into my day. Thanks Christy for saying somethings out loud. So in the spirit or my friend the wind, here’s a virtual hug blown your way.

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  4. Such beautiful ladies there, Christy. I love how you tie in humanity with birding. It’s what drew me here to begin with.

    With my positive-toned cheerful-contented blog, I feel most times gag-ordered on matters of oppression. But just because I don’t write about them doesn’t mean that I don’t witness some kind of ugliness every day, think of the oppressed all the time. I do. Incidentally, I wrote such a post today as a certain local (and national) event drove me to the breaking point. Rants sometimes just need to happen to cleanse the soul.

    Cheers, my friend! The world will be fine one way or the other.

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    1. I am in the middle of reading through your flight attack, Shannonroo, it’s freaking fantastic. You’ll hear from me (pirate’s cry)!

      And thank you for coming back often and with so much kindness. You’re one of the reasons I started blogging. Keep inspiring!


      1. Hahaha co-inspiring. Yes, very nice! Legal schmegal. We ll find ourselves a clever beagle. Plus, don’t we all know karate? The law wouldn’t dare, Shannon!


  5. I loved this! Can I hope for more posts on topics unrelated to birds? 🙂
    I am with you on the Women’s day charade. All women were given three Goodday biscuits each and an option to leave work earlier than usual. ‘Zoo animal’ seems about right.

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    1. I am glad you did, Anu. Thank you.

      I think it’s gone beyond being a choice by now. I ought to write more about birds perhaps but I will end up talking about myself. Groan. What a ghoul this mortal be!

      Also, nandris for the hope, ye shall be pleased hehe

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      1. Hehehe. I feel embarrassed sometimes – I have MY own blog to document MY thoughts. I wonder how much more self centered I can get. 😀 but then that WordPress notification makes me forget this train of thought. :-p

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  6. Its great that you happen to focus mainly on birds blogging ..But this blog feels like something went wrong !!! Of course you can write something else apart from birds too…But seems like everything is jumbled over here..One line from different topics brought into one single place!!!

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