Good morning, universe

I think everyone is born a morning person. We just uneasily grow out of it. There is a certain fluidity to our productive capabilities that crumbles into uncomfortable silos as the day progresses. There is some charm to it too. Cities look cleaner. People smell nicer.  More importantly, birds show up in the largest possible numbers.

The dawn has me awake and impassioned about the remaining hours. It doesn’t matter if the excitement wears off by the time dusk comes calling. A few hours of radiance is all it takes to build a powerful case study about the universe.

But we must choose to first start with how things aren’t all that bad.

Oriental White-Eyes, resident breeders and hill-dwellers in south India, are my favourite company to have breakfast with. They look like pocket-sized dreamlike possibilities. They blend in with the local vegetation so seamlessly that it wouldn’t be silly to mistake them for daffodils with attitude.

Their bright-yellow jackets, white undercoats and bespectacled irises match their sociable personalities. They are highly arboreal too, often resorting to acrobatics to avoid descent.

It is interesting to note behaviour of Oriental White-Eyes with the other local passerine birds. As thieving as they can be about building nests, they have been documented to indulge in inter-specific feeding.

Breakfast, after all, is the healthiest meal of the day. Leave it to birds to teach us the importance of sharing it. And leave it to musicians to create soundtracks for the sun to come out to, in peace.

Oriental White Eyes

Air – Alone In Kyoto

Miles Davis – Autumn Leaves

Kenny Wheeler – The Sweet Time Suite (Part 1 )

Illaiyaraja – Punnagai Mannan (theme)

Mulatu Astatke – Yegelle Tezeta

Sigur Ros – Ara Batur

Soulsavers – Kingdoms Of Rain

King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man

(Photographs: Kodaikanal – Tamil Nadu and Gavi – Kerala)

24 thoughts on “Good morning, universe

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  1. I’ve been wondering about the morning \ night thing and I’ve come to exactly the opposite conclusion about myself. I love morning walks but can only create at night. That’s when the world and I are still. And in that silence, words can make their way to me.

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    1. That’s lovely, Radhika. To each their own perhaps.

      As I have mentioned, I used to relish creating at night, be it life’s decisions or art. But the hills have changed my heart on that matter. And I found myself in a better position to elucidate on a daily basis during morning hours while knowing when to stop (re-writing).

      It could also be that I am growing old, which isn’t, one way or the other, partial to lack of sleep.

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      1. The hills indeed have transformational powers. I lived in the mountains for a brief while as a child and I consider that that’s where I came alive. I’ve never forgotten it and have longed to go back…
        You are immensely lucky to have found your mountains.

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  2. Nice pictures! We’re morning people too – waking up earlier on Sundays than weekdays! I simply cannot comprehend how people can sleep till 9 or 11 am. I’d feel depressed if half my day is over before I even wake up.

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    1. Thanks Kasturika!

      Sema to hear that, Sundays are perfect for waking up early, there’s just so much more to do. Even if there is nothing to do,, waking up beats sleeping in. In hill stations, I’d die if I sleep past 6:30.

      Also, got the kolam T-shirt. Perfect fit, love it!

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  3. What charming little pop-eyed birds. I, too, am a morning person partly helped by a noisy cardinal (a red North American bird) who sings me awake at 4:00 a.m. every day in the summer. It’s hard to be made at him, though, because he has such a pretty voice. Lovely post, Christy. Interesting poem to start off, too.

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  4. What an interesting bird habit. Inter-specific feeding? I’ve never heard of such a thing! If I hadn’t seen the pictures or read the account (your link), I would have thought it made up. Striking little guys in their little dinner jackets and smartie-pants glasses. I wish I could get to know them better.

    PS — that sunset…WOW. I couldn’t get the image larger than the post. Did you take it?

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    1. Oh yes Shannon, it’s true. Inter specific unlike the crow-koel dynamics! It was news to me too. There’s a beautiful photo of them feeding Asian Paradise Flycatcher chicks somewhere online.

      Smartie pants glasses is the best description ever hehehe!

      I did take that photograph (smile), I have a larger resolution photo of it on Facebook. It wasn’t any effort or skill this one. Point, click, thank you.

      Thanks for the lovely comment again.


      1. But you have the EYE for such beauty and know when — and how — to capture it. A true photographer in the art. You’re welcome! I love coming here…my home away from home. 😀

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  5. ” They look like pocket-sized miracles that escaped from floral paintings. ”
    I’m left open mouthed and awed by how, time after time, line after line,your poetry and passion for them bits of magic on wings are described with such love and life!
    Thank you! This morning I leave for work on the pixie dust these miracles that escaped from a delightful painting have showered on me 🙂

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  6. morning morning morning…only a morning person…in mary oliver’s words”but dawn,dawn is a gift..much is revealed about a person,about his or her passion,or indifference,to this opening of the door of day”

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  7. i loved your opening lines
    “everyone is born a morning person “. Off late I have once again started my early morning routine…. its working miracles. Nice photographs and above all the write-up was brilliant.

    I loved it.

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  8. Cities look cleaner. People smell nicer.

    I agree! But how does one wake up? It seems almost cruel to have to throw away the cozy confines of one’s blanket.
    Maybe I’m just lazy. 😛

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