It’s a jungle out there: Monkey hear, monkey talk

I have wanted to write about modernized existential despair for long. How it seems to be a generational malady, thriving on our indifference towards discovery as opposed to invention. I didn’t because I was unable to succinctly encapsulate a short introduction I had in mind into words. Instead I had a sound-bite for it. A piece of guttural noise.

The English language kept failing me (or vice versa). So I decided to move on. Only lately did I realize that it was 2015. It is so easy to record and stream digital audio these days. Even by people who spell “your” as “you’re”. And I had broadband connectivity and laughably low expectations.

Lion-Tailed Macaque, Valparai

So I decided to record the sound-bite and upload it on SoundCloud. Hours later, it ended up being a three-minute rant. It wasn’t an instinctive soliloquy. I wrote down pointers on my phone. I even have 5-6 recordings that sound worse.

So if you have a few minutes to waste or a YouTube video you wouldn’t mind skipping over today, do listen to it on SoundCloud.

Well that couldn’t have been fun for any of us. If it makes you feel better, that YouTube video probably wasn’t all that great. Unless it was the one in which a squirrel fights away crows out of respect for his fallen friend. In that case, this might have a waste of your time.

Do tell me what you think about generational agony though. Meanwhile let me point you to someone else with far nicer things to say.

The Lion-Tailed Macaque has the best facial hair in the animal kingdom and a bewitching alias – Wanderoo. He also has one of the most commanding voices. As an arboreal and sociable mammal, his vocalization changes as per the intentions behind them and the acoustics in the rain forest.

I have seen him in the rain-forests of the Western Ghats. Every time I hear his call, it sounds like a myriad of emotions. There’s frustration. Anger. Ecstasy. Hope. And an urge to never be silenced.

One of these days, I hope he can, at least in spirit, be a guest on this blog. I won’t say a word, I promise.

Lion-Tailed Macaque, Valparai

Speak now or forever stay unheard,
we’re lazy oysters and the
world – a wild, intoxicating pearl

22 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out there: Monkey hear, monkey talk

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  1. Wonderful to hear your voice! My son is approaching thirty and began to feel that pressure of “I have to make some concrete plans for my life”. I told him don’t worry, at his age I felt the same way and that is when I made some of the worst choices in my life. Life is always changing and what seems important today will seem trivial in the future. It is too bad that the emphasis in society is on how to support ourselves instead of how to know yourself…. but I guess that is why we are given a lifetime (God willing) to figure it out.

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    1. Thank you so much Geoffrey, I was nervous putting it up!

      I think the despair is cyclical in our species, but we do need it to map the journey we want to take from thereon. Either people buckle up and get in line or they strap on and set out for a nice walk. And you sound like a pragmatic and supportive parent, Geoff. I am sure he ll find his niche in the world, how society perceives it to be (what does it know anyway).

      Sending positive vibes your way!


  2. Fantastic. I was not born in the 80’s but much of what you described in your clip, is how I feel about the world. I’m reminded of a game of scrabble that I was playing with a friend only yesterday and the enjoyment we took from searching through the dictionary. Thank you for a wonderful post.

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    1. Thanks annie, a perfect analogy you have there with your scrabble board. Little pleasures + ridiculous convenience + birds (or anything else that wrecks one’s soul in beautiful ways sounds extremely manageable irrespective of the gloom and doom of modern malaise.

      Thanks again for engaging me, glad you can relate!

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  3. Great rant Christy; and delivered with just the right mix of despair, incredulity and resignation. I suppose we can look at it from a historical perspective, saying: ’twas ever thus, that dukkha is a universal truth as orthodox Buddhism always declared. And then again, we can see what contemporary consumer culture ultimately brings to us, which is the same thing: a subtle sense of alienation – though from what we do not know – and the bitter taste of sensory dissatisfaction. The thing we seek is so close to us that we do not see it, instead grasping outwardly at the ephemeral, the conditional and the contingent.

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    1. “Twas ever thus” I hadn’t heard of it before now. What an intriguing nutshell. I prefer truths that don’t micro manage our understanding of them, I am very glad you told you this.

      I am with you on the disparities as to what constitutes to contentment. Is it the ease of living or the freedom inward to live any way we choose. Perhaps many of us will never act on what we infer as a more rational response. I believe that as long the journey is mapped out, the vehicles that get us there can understandably vary. Given how much time we have, with technology taking over our consumption which is anyway irrelevant to the ecstasy we seek, we are in a good position to look inwardly as you put it.

      Thanks for wonderful comment, Hariod!

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  4. Haven’t heard that beautiful voice in a while. How very brave and vulnerable, it worked wonderfully. And wonder makes for wonderful discovery 🙂

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  5. You are so brave! (aren’t you glad I said ‘you are’ instead of ‘your’?)
    I have one question…did you listen to the recording and happen to like the sound of your voice? I’m usually shocked by how different and whiny I sound 😀

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    1. Thanks Anu! Oh come on, I have read your posts enough to know you would never misspell “your” or “its” as “it’s” hehehe

      And I detest the sound of my voice. I share your sentiment, I find mine whiny too. I also say “really” too many times. I am going to be more conscious while recording next time. (smile)


  6. you do have a very persuasive, earnest and compelling tone. This is a wonderful piece of discourse on inner conflict . keep uploading such messages more often.

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  7. Love your SoundCloud addition (the rest of the blog is awesome without). What you say about “effort” to find what is out there is so right on. We do just need to go out there and try to find it, and sometime we fail and sometimes we succeed as you say. Wikipedia is a great source, but it should not stop us from learning the world on our own.

    I hope you continue your SoundCloud talks You have a natural speaking flow which is also so concise. Perfect for the medium.

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    1. Aww such lovely things to say, I am touched, really am ❤ I wasn’t sure I wanted to this regularly but the confidence is growing. Thank you, again ET!

      About the effort, I have wondered whether using products that are tested on animals would beat the purpose of veganism. Shannon from the wonderful Dirt N Kids blog made a very good point, saying that it was impossible to fully be one given how imperfect the situation is, and that effort is the best we can do without ulterior motives. Fits in nicely to our dialogue, me thinks.

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