No such thing as too much yellow

A golden oriole appears,
sepia-bathed and freckled,
as does her song in silos;
she dips her beak
in crumbling lemon clouds,
giggling at earthly suspicions
that the world might, in fact,
be a little too yellow.

I think Golden Orioles are on a mission from another planet. You can read about it here. It is also a humble opinion of mine that the lasses in Oriolus Oriolus are some of the prettiest female members of any species of birds.

Golden Oriole (female), Vedanthangal

She wears a dull lemon yellow skirt with jet-black streaks on the underside of her fabric. Her beak is dipped in hard candy pink with her eyes dripping mascara dreams in-between.

She may be one of the commonly-found passerine birds in this part of the country, but there is nothing common about just how beautiful she looks every single time.

The photographs of the Golden Oriole (Female) were taken at the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in Kanchipuram and the East Coast Road which connects Chennai to Pondicherry.

31 thoughts on “No such thing as too much yellow

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  1. I am so looking forward to our fall migrants so I can get me some of that yellow love for my eyes. For now, I I’ll savor the red (cardinal) and blue (bluebirds and jays) of summer here. As for skin, hair, and eye color, if only we all appreciated more the variances within our singular species!! It is unmatched even within the bird world (species stay pretty much the same throughout). We should celebrate our differences, not put fences between.

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    1. Thanks Madhu (smiles – pssst see what I am resorting to for avoiding emoticons…sigh ).

      Staring contest! But of course, I am not surprised you do that. I bet you win and he flies away every single time.

      Also, note to self – should try that sometime!

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