Try me a river

She strolls,
smoothing pebbles
in the heart of her palm,
to find a safe place
by the drying riverside in me;
she steps into a puddle
on the way, wetting her feet,
before she can find
the low tide in me.

No matter how many times I have spotted the White-Bellied Treepie, she has always been quick to say goodbye. I have just one good photograph of her. The rest are hazy moments that passed by too soon. It has happened too many times. I have heard her call and drifted towards her scent in hope of spending meaningful time with her. But it has ended in rejection.

White-Bellied Treepie, Thekkady

I am unsure if I have the fortitude to follow her call anymore. I still think she is an alluring creature. Beauty exists without anyone having to attest to it. Maybe one day we will find harmony in each other; find the time to drink the matinee sun, stretched under a canopy of trees with jewel bugs for company. And if she feels comfortable enough, I will photograph and share the beauty in her.

Until then, I shall leave her, my beautiful and graceful White-Bellied Treepie, with love.

The photographs were taken in Periyar National Park, Thekkady.

14 thoughts on “Try me a river

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  1. You write about birds as if you have a crush on them. Which you actually seem to have from the way you write about them. I’ve always thought of birds as beautiful creatures.But reading you.. It makes me wish I were one.

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    1. That’s such a beautiful thing to sayI

      I think it’s a full-blown love I have for them. They behave in ways that people don’t which makes me trust them a little more, if that makes any sense.

      Thanks again, birdie!

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      1. Every creature except humans behave in the way they are naturally supposed to. That’s why I too love animals & birds even insects. The way these little creatures or even the big ones like lions struggle to live is inspiring! And birds..they are like flying poems 🙂

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  2. And isn’t she beautiful. Maybe it is nature’s way of rewarding you alone. To do justice to her beauty, it is perhaps just right to see her in person. Here’s to more precious moments!

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