Weeding out the gardener

His garden flowers grew, like shadows caught by sundials in a playful mood, as the seasons changed, most of them stayed the same - except the gentlest of the lot - a dahlia out of sorts, his polka-dotted muse in comfortable shoes; she rode colder winds, un-plucked, unrestrained. If I could not host hummingbirds daily in my own terrace garden... Continue Reading →

Breakfasting on her in the wild

Mornings are the best parts of living in the hills, especially in the heart of the wild. Or at least in the upper torso region where your tongue plays peekaboo with the chillness in her breath. You thirst for the pulpy orange juice stains on the bluing sky at the break of her dawn. Your... Continue Reading →

Luck be a Great Hornbill today

Lady luck gives as much as she takes away; she leaves us with as many bruises as she does - perfect blind dates. Last December, I was in the Anaimalai Hills range, along with my photographer friend – Anoop. We had heard from the locals in a sleepy town that Great Hornbills haunted a particular... Continue Reading →

A dictionary break at dawn

I steal the yellow from the sky, peeling away the dusk's wild lemon skin, to share a saucerful of crepuscular light - bathed in blue - with my sun-burnt tongue and you. Crepuscular ("relating to twilight") is the loveliest word that I learnt in 2014. I first heard it while sitting at the edge of the... Continue Reading →

It’s a bird-eat-frog world

She stirs at dawn, storing dewdrops in the lining of her eyes, sewn shut but torn inside, like cypress sachets. She yawns in strange watercolours, devouring the caterpillar cadavers that are the flaying limbs of her prey. I have been pleasantly in denial that birding season was over for the first half of the year. Thirty minutes... Continue Reading →

Knock, knock. Who cares?

When I was much younger I was bitter about the success stories that was I felt critical towards. Like most of us dealing with angst, I had a loose grasp on how the world should work. I sat on a high horse and complained about how Titanic was the crappiest movie ever. That bubblegum pop... Continue Reading →

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