2014 was a number

To beg, borrow and steal from Charles Dickens, 2015 was the best of times and it was the worst. Perhaps  2016 will be the same, but I shall recollect, with love, and by no other name, how even the fiercest winds never once frightened away the birds. We may have leftovers from 2014 that we can still hold on this year too. Hope. Money. Gadgets. Memories. It could be anything. Or anyone. We... Continue Reading →

I’d hate to eat and run but…

He runs wildly, in search of her livid breasts, galloping past unbuttoned lovers bearing answers to Rorschach tests instead of rain-fed flowers.  

Wrestling with childhood heroes

I have an enormous appetite for professional wrestling. I have been watching it since I was 10 years old. Even as I grew older, the obsession remained. People ridicule it because perhaps they haven’t connected with it. I am alright with that, as a fan, because professional wrestling is an art form. And art is subjective;... Continue Reading →

Wild is her colour palette

I want to grow old in your hair, like wild plantains, wander like a waif, through your valleys and murmuring creeks, with kiss-stains for footsteps on your spider silk skin. I finished my final birding trail of the season in Bodimettu (Tamil Nadu) and Munnar (Kerala). Unfortunately, the weather was overcast with intermittent rains, especially in... Continue Reading →

Songs for stringless kites

A kite soars, sans a string, above crowded streets and the wind whistles a lengthy tune, steering it over curry leaf trees that cough up a stiff, browning breeze to caress its paper- mache  cheeks, rerouting its soul to wild, weightless worlds. I think I can commute long distances without listening to music. I am... Continue Reading →

The great Indian chop suey

I had written this after the Uber incident last December. An unfortunate time when the Indian government decided to ban a taxi app, pass the paneer tikka and inform the masses that safety has been restored on our streets. I re-posted it after reading a recent report about one of the accused in the horrific 2012 Delhi incident in which four guys who brutally gang-raped... Continue Reading →

8 reasons for you to quit your job and unlearn voodoo

I believe that it is imperious to tell people how to live. You can tell a friend that it might be a terrible idea to share his bank account details with a Nigerian Prince over email. But you can't just go around, saying things like "you won't know who you are until you travel" or "quit your job and... Continue Reading →

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