There is a painter in my room

She paints the stillness of dusk with her gin-soaked hair; she sketches streaks of half-light that cuddle the cotton in her pillows. Her fingers move on the canvas at speeds set aside for trees to breathe life into psychic plants; her cheeks bloom in penciled shades as folk songs tiptoe behind her tongue, drunk on... Continue Reading →

4 ways to lose your friends and alienate your acquaintances

1. Turn into a Tom Hanks A Tom Hanks is someone who is a flat-out good person. A pillar of strength, loyalty, and benevolence. The booming echo of reason in a cacophony of indecisive voices. A person who will step up and take charge when everyone else is covering their own posteriors. Just one problem... Continue Reading →

4 obvious signs that India is destination racism

It is my opinion that most Indians are racists. I am no exception despite being a very dark-complexioned person in a country seemingly obsessed with fair skin. I might be ticked off that discrimination is prevalent in modern society. But I am also a racist. I think that makes me a hypocrite. You can’t call me that... Continue Reading →

A pilot turned princess turned pop star

She's a pilot, with burnt postcards of sunsets in her back- pockets, sketching summer skies in space cadet blue. She's a princess turned troubadour, a pop star unhinged at dawn, crying foul, sensing the human in you. The India Roller or the Blue Jay is the State bird of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. It can be found in... Continue Reading →

There is magic in every mushroom

Mushrooms aren't nature's apology for toadstools; they are stunt doubles for the monsoon's best-dressed and most seductive danseuse.  

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