Peshawar – December 16, 2014

the dearly
of Peshawar
turn into
baby falcons,
whisked away
from this
world; their
talons ripping
through gun
smoke, and
their hearts 
filled with
light long
from this
waking life.

More than 130 children were massacred during a school shoot-out involving terrorists in Peshawar. There is no need for discussions on the supposed state of perpetual terror in Pakistan. Let us spare them the hypocrisy and Islamophobia. It’s not about religion or border lines. The tolerance for evil seems truly global. Children, no matter where they live in this world, don’t have to look for monsters under their beds anymore. They are everywhere.

“Break down and cry today.Mourn with the families of those who lost their lives.Because that’s what humans are supposed to do”a Tweet

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      1. I usually avoid watching fights/killings/beheadings etc. by terrorists. I am so shocked after reading that I still can’t believe this atrocity is possible by human being.People can kill like this, give any kind of excuse and then expect the world to accept it. What did a child do to deserve this and carry the burden of world ?

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      2. The best we can hope for is that future generations are at least more conscious about the nature of evil that we leave behind with them, and thereby more knowledgeable on how to counter such using methods that are sustainable, and do not involve more violence.

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      3. Not with the education programs going on online and offline ! You see engineering students in early 20s jumping off to join anything radical,don’t know how these secret schooling is done ! I have a friend who teaches in a famous engineering college. He has heard many times that Students ranging from 1st year till final year support what IS is doing ! Who knows what will happen in future ?

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      4. Of course the children didn’t do anything! The burden of carrying a small coffin is the heaviest Read this quote somewhere this morning.

        And I don’t think they expect the world to accept. They expect the world to retaliate so that they get yet another lame excuse to churn out some other atrocity elsewhere. These are mad men, blinded by their belief that their God wants them to fight against non-believers. I wouldn’t call them humans. They have no humanity.

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  1. i haven’t yet. And yeah it’s just frustrating isn’t it? i can’t see religion or politics though, those affect so many countries at so many different levels. This reminds me of the 2004 Kumbakonam school fire accident that consumed 80+ children. I can’t seem to feel anger at this point, for some reason. Just blinding sadness.

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  2. “Children, no matter where they live in this world, don’t have to look for monsters under their beds anymore. ”
    How true! Kids are kids. Be it India or Pakistan.
    I just hope that people who are rejoicing and saying that Pak got the taste of their own medicine realise this!
    Not only kids, innocent people are innocent and they don’t deserve to die like this.

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    1. Sigh yeah. I just read a tweet on the apathy of a few of the Delhi police offers who very rudely and physically interrupted a candlelight vigil at India Gate. This was one of those instances where such an act can at least help in some proportion to stop this new Islamophobic virus from spreading around. But no. We kill children. We harass indians for supporting Pakistan.

      There’s a yellow submarine with “human beings” scribbled on it in blood. We should all just leave, and let the squirrels or cows repair the damage we have done.

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  3. People killing ‘in the name of religion’ is no different than killing ‘for pleasure,’ which is what we do with other species by the billions every single day. In both cases, innocents perish. In both cases, the killing is completely unnecessary, senseless. For humans to do it, it must be madness behind the wheel. So, so sad when children are culled; it would appear that attention is what this group is after. Indeed, they certainly have it.

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